"Aaron was born November 3, 1996 in Kodiak, Alaska was diagnosed with Chromosome Ring 22 Mosaic. He grew up very special, unique, happy, and taught our family and others a new outlook on life.

On May 8, 2011. He was then diagnosed with epithelial sarcoma cancer. We were told that he would live only 6 months and if lucky, 2 years. With lots of love and dreadful times, he went on for 7 months. As depressing that it was, we thought how blessed we were to have the opportunity to celebrate his life and get prepared to let him go as everything came to a closure than for it to be a sudden death. When the time came we donated his Corneas to a person from Argentina. We felt good and proud to feel we could help someone in need and hopefully get the chance to meet the person that Aaron was able to help."