The Gift

Written by mother Jeannie Coston
in loving memory of her son Andrew

There are lots of heroes in the world
          Firemen, Policemen, Soldiers, Doctors
                    And Then
                              There's You

Not long before that terrible day
          Home you came-card in hand
I teased
          We laughed
And never dreamt that day would come

That terrible day-that early morn
          You're gone from us
          Your body cold
But they call
          Did you know they ask?
About the card?

In disbelief and tears still fresh
          I remember back and think
                    Oh yes - the card

You my child were always kind
You signed the card
To give your gift

And now
          I do not tease-I do not laugh
But speak the words that must be said
          Please take the gift and use it well
For he is gone
But in some small way
          Will live on

For others
          Happiness and joy does abound
But not for me
          For my heart still cries
          My soul still mourns

You are a hero
There is no doubt
          But the question must be asked
Why you my son-
          Why you?