"As a wife, friend and lover who gave everything of herself to those she loved. She had a wonderful sense of humor and an ability to get people to laugh at themselves by laughing at herself. She was a great listener who gave counsel and wisdom to family, friends, and strangers alike and those who sought her counsel were blessed. She made friends easily and often.

Barbara loved cats and at her death, she had two, Crackers and Teaser. There are seven Charles Wysocki cat prints in our house Barb liked and had to be purchased because of her love of cats.

Barbara was a nurse of exceptional abilities. Her caring for her patients was the best care I have seen any nurse give. She could give more gentle but firm care to those who were ill than any other nurse or doctor and get the patients to respond more positively than expected. She was unaware of how good a nurse she was until she received the Civilian Nurse of the quarter at the Keesler Medical Center in 1977. It took several days to get her to understand tat she got the award because she was that good at her nursing skills and not just because of politics.

For twenty-three and one half years, we were married and it seemed as though it were still the first year of our marriage. Barbara worked at our marriage as though every day was the most important day in our lives. I hope I tried to work as hard as she did. We were the best of friends and she made it easy to be her friend. Barb learned a lot from her mother and dad when she was growing up that was positive and helped us in our marriage. For that influence by them, I am ever grateful."