"I am a very active 50-year old, with two teenagers. Several years ago my left knee gave me so much trouble that I had to have it operated on. The problem was perhaps, at least contributed to by the very heavy use I asked of it when I was a 6-day a week ballet dancer throughout my youth until I was in my late teens. I had trouble with it way back then, was on and off crutches, etc., and finally was "encouraged" to quit the dancing that was obviously irritating it. My life really changed. OK. Then, miracles of miracles I didn't have any trouble and hiked and biked and skied until... about three years ago. Then it "came back" but I had surgery and it was "doable" with just a bit of pampering. I think all this background is pertinent because it sets the stage for my recent injury. It was my third time back downhill skiing after the operation on my left knee. I was wearing a brace on that knee... and then... I fell. I messed up my GOOD knee. As I lay there on the ski hill waiting for the sled to take me down, I thought, oh no... what is going to become of me now. Activity is what I do with my life. Saying it is what I enjoy is an understatement. When the doctor told me my "best bet" would be a donor's tendon, I was ready. I'm doing great. It has now been a little over two months. The doc assigned me physical therapy three times a week. I go the other two days, too, and do my exercises myself. The physical therapist said I was welcome and that they encouraged off-day work-outs there, but I wonder if they thought I'd really do it. I'm very, very serious about doing my part in any way I can. I am SOOOO very thankful for the gift a loving, generous person and their family gave to me. I truly think I will be able to hike and bike again. I was so afraid that with two bad knees... I think of my mystery benefactor all the time and tell everyone I talk to about making sure they are a donor. My donor walks with me every day."

Joan Clover