"What would you do if you lost a child or a loved one you know? Have you thought of organ donation?

Cory Renee Koenig, was born in 1989. Cory was such a bright spot in our lives. She loved the sunshine and would take any opportunity she could to play in the sun. She was very easy going and always so happy. Cory was also very smart. She was always asking questions. She wanted to know everything. Even at five years old Cory understood that Mommy could take her to McDonalds because she had a checkbook and when Mommy explained to her that there was no money in the checkbook Cory suggested I use my credit card.

Cory was the sunshine in our lives just so full of life. She is now a sunbeam for Jesus.

Cory was outside playing when she was hit by a car. In a few hours we were told that she was brain dead. For us it was not a hard decision to know that the Lord would not want her to stay like that. Then came Life Alaska asking if we would like to donate her organs. We said yes, if Cory did not need the organs anymore maybe someone else would. God had given us an opportunity to help someone else in need. We learned that there are many types of organ donation. We were able to donate her kidneys, her heart valves and one of her corneas. It is a comfort to know that because of our daughter someone can see again, someone’s heart is healthy again and two people may have been freed from dialysis who had failing kidneys. We have since learned a lot more about organ donation and I urge everyone to learn about organ donation and make a decision about it before the fact. Since we lost our daughter, we have talked to many people who have gone through the loss of a loved one and were not able to make the decision about organ donation at their time of grief. So I encourage all people to learn as much as possible about organ donation and make your decision now. The Lord helped us with our decision. He can help you with yours."

In Loving Memory from Mom & Dad
Fred & Stacey Koenig