"Her Son, Nephew, Our Brother,
Their Uncle,
And a Good Friend

Remember our lil' steam shovel at dinner?
Try to match him but he'll always be the winner.
Professor Walter was one of his family names,
God's creation brought him to his best.
Looking in his treasure chest was always a test.
Remember ten o'clock man?
It was funny to see him sleep as fast as he can.
So young, so free, he was his best friend.
On the streets they called his name,
In another world of love, caring and sharing.
He taught us compassion for others,
Thank you Walter..Ts'naen
Giving yourself for special people to live
Is so special and really you.

Yea tho' I walk through the valley of death
I will fear no evil for thou art within me…

By Phyllis Dahling, sister
Written in loving memory of brother
Walter Lemuel Yazzie
March 22, 1967 - April 7, 2001