"Zach was truly a good young man who brought us so much in the short time he was with us. He walked always with a quiet dignity and confidence. He showed us how to be positive and in good humor no matter what the circumstances. He showed a caring, respect and willingness to help others while still living his life in a way that was right for him. His passion for snowboarding was a joy to see; the perfect day was to make the perfect jump, create the perfect video and set it to the perfect music for others to see and hear. We will miss him deeply, always remembering the easy-going attitude and large smile.

Zach's quilt piece was made by many caring friends. The patch was designed by Tyson Hansen, Zach's little brother, for the Zach Hansen Memorial Helmet Fund. This is a fund to provide helmets to the skiers and snowboarders in the area so that they may enjoy their winter fun safely. The colors represent Lathrop High School in Fairbanks. Zach was to graduate from Lathrop High School the spring of 2001. He loved Lathrop and was excited about being a part of that school. Many of the teachers and students at Lathrop have been such wonderful support for our family since we lost Zach."